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  • In effectB38/B38 LTD bus stop adjustmentsTheses changes are due to the introduction of articulated buses on this route.Eastbound stops discontinued:• Kossuth Pl at Broadway • Seneca Av at Harman St• Seneca Av at Madison StWestbound stops discontinued:• Seneca Av at Putnam Av• Seneca Av at Palmetto St• DeKalb Av at Ashland PlStops discontinued in both directions:• DeKalb Av at Bushwick Av• DeKalb Av at Cypress Av Last eastbound and first westbound stop will be:• Seneca Av and Cornelia St
  • Until further noticeB38/B38 LTD and B103 LTD bus stop on Tillary St between Cadman Plaza West and Cadman Plaza East has been temporarily relocated due to road workPlease use the nearby stop on Tillary St between Cadman Plaza East and Adams St.Reminder: B38 LTD buses do not operate Sundays or overnight
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