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Bus Stop:

39 ST/12 AV

Buses en-route:


  1. 36 minutes,3.9 miles away, 16 passengers on vehicle Vehicle 1098
  1. 8.3 miles away (+ layover, scheduled to depart terminal at 8:27 PM) Vehicle 1092

Service Alert:

  • Until 5 AM Monday, Jun 14 B35/B35 LTD buses will be detoured from 39th St between 9th Ave and Fort Hamilton Pkwy because of a crane operation The stops in both directions at 39th St and 10th Ave will be closed during this time. Buses will make the stops on 39th St at 9th Ave across the street from the current stops. Westbound buses will also stop on 39th St at Fort Hamilton Pkwy across the street from the current stop.
  • You may experience a longer wait for this bus. We're running as much service as we can with the operators we have available.
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