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M5  31 ST 6 AV

  1. 18 minutes,3.7 miles away Vehicle 4248
  1. 30 minutes,5.5 miles away Vehicle 4257
  1. 10.8 miles away (+ layover, scheduled to depart terminal at 11:30 PM) Vehicle 4263

M104  41 ST via BROADWAY/7 AV

  1. 1 minute,< 1 stop away Vehicle 3857
  1. 19 minutes,2.7 miles away Vehicle 4347
  1. 30 minutes,3.7 miles away (at terminal, scheduled to depart at 11:05 PM) Vehicle 4364

Service Alert:

  • Until further notice Southbound M5/M5 LTD stop on 72nd St at Broadway is closed because of construction Buses will make stops on Broadway at 72nd St or on 72nd St at West End Ave. Reminder: M5 LTD buses do not operate on weekends.
  • Until further notice Southbound M104 stop on Broadway at 92nd St is closed because of a crane operation Please use the stops on Broadway at 94th St or 90th St.
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