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Bus Stop:

5 AV/86 ST

Buses en-route:


  1. 18 minutes,3.1 miles away Vehicle 4752
  1. 20 minutes,3.3 miles away Vehicle 4794
  1. 33 minutes,5.3 miles away Vehicle 4787


  1. 9 minutes,1.3 miles away Vehicle 407
  1. 32 minutes,3.9 miles away Vehicle 235
  1. 54 minutes,6.8 miles away (at terminal, scheduled to depart at 10:55 PM) Vehicle 372

Service Alert:

  • Fridays, 4 PM to 11:30 PM, Jun 25 | Jul 30 | Aug 27 | Sep 24 | Oct 29 B63 buses will be detoured between 5th Ave at 66th St and 86th St for NYC Open Streets Buses make stops in both directions along 4th Ave between 66th St and 86th St. Northbound missed stops: 5th Ave at 86th St 5th Ave at 83rd St 5th Ave at 80th St 5th Ave at 77th St 5th Ave at Bay Ridge Pkwy 5th Ave at 72nd St Southbound missed stops: 5th Ave at Senator St 5th Ave at Bay Ridge Ave 5th Ave at 72nd St 5th Ave at Bay Ridge Pkwy 5th Ave at 78th St 5th Ave at 81st St 5th Ave at 84th St
  • You may experience longer waits for this bus. We're running as much service as we can with the bus operators we have available.
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