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Bus Stop:

3 AV/E 93 ST

Buses en-route:

M102  HARLEM 147 ST via 3 AV via LENOX AV

  1. 16 minutes,1.4 miles away Vehicle 5928
  1. 30 minutes,2.5 miles away Vehicle 5886
  1. 55 minutes,4.3 miles away (at terminal, scheduled to depart at 8:20 AM) Vehicle 5853

M103  EAST HARLEM 125 ST via 3 AV

  1. 16 minutes,1.4 miles away Vehicle 5255
  1. 31 minutes,2.7 miles away Vehicle 5254
  1. 43 minutes,3.9 miles away Vehicle 5884

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Service Alert:

  • Until further notice Northbound M101/M101 LTD, M102 and M103 stop on 3rd Ave between 33rd St and 34th St is closed because of construction Buses will make stops on 3rd Av at 31st St and 37th St.
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